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Knowledge – Our Greatest Asset

Knowledge – Our Greatest Asset

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23 Mar, 2019

Knowledge refers to facts, information, and skills that are acquired by an individual with the help of education or experience. It may also be referred to as the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. Knowledge is indeed the most valuable asset that one can acquire in life. Knowledge and educational qualifications are two absolutely different parameters. One person may have multiple degrees but if he/ she fails to acquire the appropriate knowledge, all the degrees and certificates are a total waste. Let us understand this with the help of an example: Once a very expensive ship broke down due to some major technical defect. The manager called up the best technicians in town in order to fix the ship, but none of them succeeded at fixing the ship.

What is your greatest asset as a student?

Fortunately, a small roadside mechanic was passing from that area, and he overheard the conversation of the manager with the technicians. He quickly approached the manager and informed him that he can fix the issue in a short duration of 10 minutes only. The manager agreed and asked him to start the repair. The mechanic picked up his hammer and tapped twice at a particular part of the ship. He then informed the manager that the ship has been fixed. The manager was shocked at the accuracy of the road side mechanic and thanked him endlessly. The mechanic presented an invoice for $10,000 to the manager. The manager got irritated and said that the entire mechanic had done was make two tiny taps with his hammer. The mechanic smiled and said: “Yes Sir, the taps were only for $1.00 each but the knowledge to know where to tap costs $9,998.00.” The manager got extremely impressed by his reply and paid the complete money to him. In this story, the mechanic got paid what he asked for only because of his knowledge. This shows that the basic driving force behind each and every action is our knowledge. The more knowledgeable we are, the more confidently we are able to tackle situations. Indeed, flying an aircraft or cracking CAT, everything requires knowledge. Life is very uncertain, indeed one can earn lots of money and buy expensive things in life but no one can ever buy knowledge. Knowledge is such an asset that is priceless. Indeed knowledge is the only asset that no one can ever snatch from us. It is so because knowledge improves us in numerous ways such as:

knowledge Is The Biggest Asset You Can Accumulate

(a) Builds confidence: Knowledge fills you with confidence to speak. A person who is knowledgeable can talk and deliberate on whichever topic and issue that he wishes to.

(b) Improves communication skills: For acquiring knowledge it is important to read more, observe more and ask more questions, indulge in research reading, discovering new facts and figures each and every day, making notes of all the things you learn. Once you learn something new, discussing it with people makes those little things stay in your head and once that is done, one can speak and talk intelligently automatically. This way you become an because the informed person.

(c) Knowledge and experience go hand in hand: Having knowledge about various areas is important not only for doing peculiar tasks but also for sustaining because without the knowledge about how to operate various objects or situations in daily course, all your educational qualifications are a waste. When companies and organizations wish to hire for positions, they look for both the educational qualifications and the experience that applicants possess. Society often rests so much esteem on attaining an educational qualification/ degree that the need for experience is often over shadowed. Hence, one must make sure when they are in the process of learning, they do get the experience of modes operandi.

(d) Knowledge fills us with authority: and helps us to act and interact with others in an immensely moral way. True knowledge calls for more respect than mere empty authority within a hierarchy fails to gather. If we possess knowledge, we can direct others’ decisions and help them in order to enhance their lives. Having knowledge about a relevant subject fills us with authority.  We become confident naturally. No matter who we are, or how old we are, if we possess knowledge that is helpful to other people, then those people will definitely respect us.

(e) Overcome challenges: A student who is skillful in study techniques will definitely know how readily homework/assignments do and prepare for a test. A skilled student can often overcome a lack of knowledge through his or her studying ability.

(f) Enhances our personality: A knowledgeable person is confident and can talk and deliberate on any subject that he wants to. When he involves himself in public speaking, he attracts the attention of all. Everyone praises him for his charming personality. This makes people associate with him in a better way.

(g) Makes us fearless: Knowledge truly makes us fearless. We are sure of our own selves and we do not feel inferior to others.

Throughout our lifetime we crave luxuries and run after pricey things. We often forget to understand that our knowledge is our biggest asset. It is that possession that no one can ever snatch from us no matter what. Also, knowledge increases through sharing. We should share knowledge as much as possible. Through discussions and effective listening, our knowledge shall become manifold. 

By: Anuja Arora

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