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Lost Time Gone Forever: Significance Of Time Management For Students

Lost Time Gone Forever: Significance Of Time Management For Students

Assistant Editor

13 Mar, 2019

Time management is the most important skill that we are usually never taught while growing up, but time management is must for students so they adapt a habit to be punctual and exclude the chances of losing success therefore developing an this approach in a student’s life is like nurturing them to grab the knowledge about how to work more efficiently.

It is always a prime question in front of a student that what is the most assessed resource that a student have before exams? It is time! Sometimes it’s like you only have enough of it and suddenly it feels like it flew away. Thereafter when the exam time is near, students wonder of losing all of the time. For a student it is important thing to consider that there are 24 hours in a day and which is for everyone the same. As no student has any less time than the other, so it is good time management that basically makes all the difference for achieving the best results in exam. This is one of the skills that is not taught at many schools or by parents, but it is of great importance so currently it’s the most important time for you to learn how to do an effective time management so that one can use it wisely. If you follow the schedule, you will be able to get the maximum amount of learning possible by using time efficiently. Although planning for the use of time may itself feel like a waste of time, but one will surely gain huge time savings when you plan out your day. Mentioned are some important reason as to why you should plan your everyday life and get yourself organized in studies:

As it helps to prioritize things – that making a good time table helps you figure out the most important and urgent tasks first.

It helps you think realistic – making a good Time table helps you to account as to how long a common tasks takes such as essay writing in Language subjects and problem solving in mathematics, etc.

It make you more productive – making a good time table helps you to figure out that exactly what you need to study and how much you need to study before you start for it.

It helps you to spend a tension free game time – when you are done for the day as per your time table then you can spend your time wisely and tension free for playing or watching T.V.

It is a tool to track the progress – when you get stick to your timetable you can measure the chances of success as it brings you confidence and you know that you are on the way to get everything done on time.

It helps you for the long-term planning – as when there is a good organization, it removes the role of uncertainty from your way to study and thereby helping you for achieving the best results.

Good planning of time and making an effective timetable is the key for every student to get the best out from the activities. This discipline in following the timetable also helps to get a good study pattern that balances life of a student and will benefit it in all areas of life in future.

By being organized is how one can be a successful student. It is obvious that an organized method to studies will always mean that you will have to wonder less over the studies and you will be able to complete your course on time with maximum learning. With the better organization you will be with on the top of things from the very first day and won’t have scream when the exam time come. Basically organization of time sounds easy, but it is the real secret to get the success. Many educators and notable personalities have given up the key points to your goals, here it is categorized into three different kinds: short, medium and long-term. A great way for students to describe these would be as daily, weekly and monthly goals. A student can have a study planner and can record these in it, with daily goals to be detailed and weekly as well as monthly goals being general which gives you an overall approach and design of your studies:

You can daily hold a check on a day by day account of assignments completed and planned areas of study. You should prepare your study plan or say timetable in the evening time, when you have finished the studying of the day and know that what is needed to be done on the next day, so you can make a to-do list as per priorities or list of short and long term goals for the following day.

Your weekly plan thus can easily be achieved if you very well follow your daily one you can make a list in weekly plan which includes approaching tests and other tasks that should be completed over the period of seven days.

The assessment calendar gives you a detailed view of your semester planning and helps you to achieve your goals. Use the study planner to mark all the school assignments, class tests and other activities so that you don’t miss any of them.

By: Anuja Arora