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Obedience: Prompt, Cheerful and Lasting

Obedience: Prompt, Cheerful and Lasting

Anubha Das

26 Jul, 2016

Obedience is an essential factor of life. It simply implies obeying the order of parents and elders whose authority is normally not questioned. 

Obedience is necessary in students’ private, social & in every other area of their life. An individual must obey his elders or superiors. Students are taught to obey the command of the elders because it is the first lesson that they should figure out to lead a good life. 

Off the chance that a child does not obey his elders, he/she is sure to be spoilt. On the other hand, a child who obeys his elders and acts according to their instructions has a bright future. 

However, blind obedience to unchallenged authority is bad. Now and then people misuse their authority and power. In such cases, people ought to fight for right law and justice. But otherwise, normal obedience to elders and superiors is essential for achievement in life.

The things that usually impaired the society such as love, friendship, fellow-felling, religion and culture all are bound by principles and obedience as they lead us to an elegant life. Whoever strives to withdraw from obedience, withdraws from elegance.