Promoting the Involvement of Women and Youth

13 Apr 2018

In the current scenario, Politics (Government) is typically considered as a career space for men who have reached at a certain age holding a political experience. They work on their ultra old theories,hence hesitate to take risks. While these men fail to understand that this is the high time that we need the infusion of young blood in politics. More women should be employed in decision making positions. The youth would bring in fresh thoughts with a new zeal to work. They would be educated and technically upgraded. This is necessary to meet the varied aspirations of our diversified nation.         

Unfortunately, women are left behind because of gender biasness and lack of experience while young people are often ignored due to their young age.

There are few bodies which fight against evils such as “Gender Inequality” and “Lack of Opportunities” to uplift the involvement of women and youth in politics such as Inter Parliamentary Union, United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Division for the advancement of Women etc.

This is the time to remove all the barriers giving way to equal participation. There should be an arrangement of leadership programmes for women at every stage of their education. The Govt should take initiative in conducting the campaigns on “Gender Equality” to promote women’s participation in politics. The Govt should make reservations for women and youth in the system. As per the current situation we should have 40% seats reserved for women and 40% seats for the people below the age of 30 years.

Posted By - Divya Bansal