Radio Jockey- Upcoming Newness

28 Jul 2017

With the developing number of radio stations in India, interest for RJs or Radio Jockeys is expanding step by step. The pattern began with VJs or Video Jockeys when channel V (music channel) appeared. After that, radio stations began getting to be distinctly basic and hosts that used to present projects on radio stations were soon begun to being alluded as RJs.

Radio jockey or RJ is a person who hosts radio programs. The principle occupation of the RJ is to communicate with gatherings of people and play music in the middle of the program. Radio jockey for the most part host just for a couple of hours in a day and get a good paycheck. It is not as simple as it looks. There are some criteria which should be satisfied in the event that you need to wind up distinctly a famous RJ. 

No formal training is required for getting into this field. To get into government radio channels, you ought to in any event be a graduate. For getting into private radio channels you can even be a twelfth go out. Maximum age utmost to get into this field is 35 years.

Since it is an upcoming vocation alternative, there are very few organizations which offer training here. Just few of the organizations give particular training and these foundations have been opened by few of the outstanding RJs. Radio jockeys has unquestionably gotten up to speed as a major vocation in India. So certainly try it out on the off chance that you have been thinking about it as a vocation choice.

Posted By - Anubha Das