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Secrets of a Teenage Brain

Secrets of a Teenage Brain

Anubha Das

14 Nov, 2016

Why are teenagers such moody, lazy & selfish nightmares?

Teenagers can be puzzling to educators and parents. They exhibit a disheartening array of characteristics: emotional, forgetful, and fond of risk-taking.

It is not easy to understand a teenager as a teen brain is still a work-in-progress where the frontal lobes are not fully connected to the rest of the brain. This means that they have less control over the vital functions such as: judgment, empathy, insight, and impulse control.

Adolescence is a time for an individual to figure out their identity and who they’re going to be for the rest of their life. Parents these days push their children towards building a career due to the high competitive culture.

 Though nowadays, teenagers have changed in comparison with the teens in the past,taking into account of eating habits or adopting an active way of life. They are more clever and interact with others, mostly through the social networking sites as technology has developed a lot.

All in all, the lifestyle of teenagers depends on many factors. It is connected with the constant development which is taking place in the changing lifestyle of the students. That’s the secret of a teen age brain.