Sleep Routine- A Must

07 Mar 2017

Students should be aware of the fact that a sleep routine is must to have for a healthy functioning of brain.

Why aren’t students getting enough sleep? First off, they are staying up late. A variety of things can add to this night-owl tendency among the students. These include:

-Social life

-Caffeinated drinks

-Electronic media such as computer, TVs and Cell phones.

As a student, one should know what it means to be sleep deprived due to all the late nights of working or being unable to sleep. Whether it is homework that needs to be done or stress that is keeping them up, sleep is imperative for numerous reasons. Students these days overuse technologies. This sometimes leads to over usage of the technology which also affects their daily routine. Their sleep routine gets distorted.  Sleep helps both the brain and the body rejuvenates.

On the contrary, sleep helps students brain work properly. While they are dozing, their mind is preparing for the next day. It's framing new pathways to help them learn and recollect information. As indicated by the study “A good night’s sleep can translate to improved academic performance”. So a student ought to have a very well defined sleeping routine obliging their study plan.

Posted By - Anubha Das