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Stop Exploiting Your Children!

Stop Exploiting Your Children!

Anubha Das

20 Jul, 2016

How much is enough? It is a question that many parents find themselves asking while raising children.

Exploitation means giving way too much than the necessity. The children needs include love, guidance, shelter, food, clothing, medical care and an education. That’s it. Everything else is a want, a luxury like video games, iPods, new cell phones, and so one. Today, far too many parents fall for the “Nag Factor”. The nag factor is when you fulfil each and every desire of your children. Giving children too much can actually harm them.

Once you are aware of the fact that you are exploiting your children, own it, and choose to do things differently. Being strict with your children isn’t “Tough Love”. It is parenting in an effective, loving manner that teaches children to be productive citizens and put them on the path to a successful life.

So, parents, stop falling for “The Nag Factor”. An excess of anything can be intoxicated.