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Stop Think Report…!

Stop Think Report…!

Assistant Editor

09 Jun, 2019

In the fast-moving generation, people are using various gadgets to make their life live in a simpler way. The increasing use of gadgets has adversely affected to how people communicate and carry their daily life. We all use internet to connect with friends, family and communicate with them. The main advantage of using internet is sharing and receiving information between the users. But everything has two faces - a positive and negative phase. Similarly, internet can pose threats too. Cyber crime refers to crime carried out by means of computer and internet. Cyber crime could be a dangerous crime involving computers or digital devices, during which a computer is often either a target of the crime, a tool of the crime or contain proof of the crime. Crime primarily outlined as any criminal activity that happens over the web. There are several examples like fraud, malware like viruses, fraud and cyber stalking. In surroundings, since most science depends on the utilization of knowledge and technology, the management, bar and investigation of cyber activities is important to the success of the Organizations, Government agencies and people. The acquisition and maintenance of extremely talented crime professional by Government and Business Enterprises cannot be exaggerated. Earlier, crime was committed principally by people or tiny teams. Presently, it's discovered that there's extremely advanced cybercriminal networks assemble people at world level in real time to commit crimes. Today, criminals that fancy cybercrimes don't seem to be motivated by ego or experience. Instead, they need to use their data to achieve profits promptly. They're mistreatment their capability to snip, deceive and exploit individuals as they realize it simple to come up with cash while not having to try to do an honest work. Cyber crimes became major threat nowadays. The density of non-public computers in Asian nation is 1.8 per one thousand persons. India’s position within the world is tenth with one hundred sixty-five large integer web users. Asian nation has been famed within the world as a result of its progress within the data technology trade and enormous range of Indian I.T. professionals operating abroad. In-spite of the many quality PC and web, there are a unit of some disadvantages and negative implications like on line addiction, cyber disorders, nerve-wracking life vogue and Cyber Crimes. These adverse effects of Cyber World on the users of Internets area are evident from many studies and observations. To-day cyber security has become important and therefore the necessity of disciplinary regulation of Cyber restaurant and alternative web service suppliers has become imperative. As additional and additional corporations connect their networks to web, awareness of PC crimes (Cyber Crimes) becomes essential.

Cyber crimes are broadly categorized into three groups such as crime against as Individual, Property, Government.

Individual crime includes all kind of stalking, distributing, trafficking and grooming.

Property crime includes all kind of stealing and robbing. In such case people usually can steal other person bank account details and use it for further inappropriate way.

Government crime includes hacking government websites, military websites or circulates propaganda.

There are various types of cyber crimes

1.Hacking - In this category, a human computer is broken into in order that his personal or sensitive data will be accessed. Hacking is categorised as a wrong doing and punishable as per law. This is often completely different from moral hacking, that several organizations use to see their net security protection. In hacking, the criminal uses a spread of software system to enter a human computer and also the person might not remember that his computer is being accessed from a foreign location. Hackers monitor what users do on their pc and might also import files on their computer. A hacker may install many programs on to their system while not their information. Such programs may even be accustomed steal personal data like passwords and master card data.

2.Theft- This type of crime happens once someone violates copyrights and downloads music, movies, games and package. There are even peer sharing websites that encourage package piracy and plenty of those websites are currently being targeted by the law enforcement agency. Nowadays, the justice system is addressing this crime and there are laws that avert folks from unlawful downloading.

3.Identity Theft- This is a serious drawback with folks exploitation the net for money transactions and banking services and during this law-breaking, a criminal accesses information a couple of person's checking account, credit cards, social insurance, debit card, full name and alternative sensitive info to empty off cash or to shop for things on-line within the victim's name. The identity crook will use person's info to fraudulently apply for credit, file taxes, or get medical services. It may result in major monetary losses for the victim and even spoil the victim's credit history.

4.Malicious Software- This conjointly referred to as worm is Internet-based code or programs that area unit wants to disrupt a network. The code is employed to achieve access to a system to assemble sensitive info or knowledge or inflicting harm to code gift within the system.

There are various ways through which one can protect them from getting trapped in cage of cyber crime

1.Use strong passwords

2.Use full-service internet suite

3.Keep the software updated

4.Manage the social media settings carefully

5.Keep your home network strong

6.Keep up to date on major security breaches

If you think that you’ve become a victim of a law-breaking, you wish to alert the native police and, in some cases, the law enforcement agency and also the Federal Trade Commission. This is often necessary not withstanding how the crime looks minor. Your report might assist authorities within their investigations or might facilitate to thwart criminals from taking advantage of others in the future. If you think that cyber criminals have taken your identity. These are among the steps you must take into account.

Contact the businesses and banks wherever you recognize fraud occurred.

Place fraud alerts and acquire your credit reports.

Report fraud to the independent agency.

By: Stuti Talwar