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Time: The Most Precious Resource

Time: The Most Precious Resource

Anubha Das

25 Jan, 2017

The progression of timeis an idea on which people have spent an immense deal of efforts, trying towrap their mind around.

Time is moresignificant than anything else. The general population who say that, 'time ismoney' are on the whole correct to a certain extent. However, to go above andbeyond to say that 'time is more valuable than money."

We have seen numerouscases from the history also. Be that as it may, to relate it to our generation,a football match can be dealt with as a decent case. We have seen that in anyfootball match time is a significant measure. During the match the entire groupof players needs to goal as well as not let the other team do the same. Thetime amid the match, as well as the time before the match is likewisevaluable.They need to improve with every passing time. Every student shouldunderstand the time wasted can never return. They should make use of time inmoulding themselves like clay into an ideal person.

The most treasuredgoals in life is to understand the value of time, and we should all use ourtime in a right manner.