03 Jun 2017

With the CBSE class-12 results announced just a few days ago, everyone including your neighbor, your vegetable vendor, your maid, your folks, your folks’ folks, your tailor, and many others suddenly seems to have developed interest in you. Twitter is flowing with hilarious reactions highlighting the ugly, good and bad associated with it. We have collected a few for you. Read and enjoy. 

1. What to tell a student who has got 95% and wants to send her paper for re-evaluation? 

2. Verma ji is glad that his CBSE failed son scored higher than his neighbor Sharma ji’s failed son. Verma ji said with tears in his eyes “Even while failing, he made sure that our naak and izaat in the society remains undamaged”.

3. Someone wrote “Forget students and their scores. I feel for cell phones. For, they are the ones whom most parents will be blame for their child’s bad performance in the exams”. 

4. CBSE results have been accomplishing something since 1962 that most social strategies could not-uniting relatives.

5. With the average CBSE scores increasing with each passing year, the best reply to your aunt’s query “Son, how much have you scored?” would be “More than you”.

6. No one really cares about your scores except... your relatives, their relatives, and the relatives of their relatives.

7. I strongly suggest that by the go, the “CBSE Board Results Day” should be proclaimed as the “National Relatives Day”. 

Hope you had a good laugh. With that we would like to part with our final words realizing the immense stress that students are undergoing at the moment. Everyone including parents, students and their loved ones should realize that marks aren’t everything in life. One doesn’t need to be labeled a topper to find success in his or her endeavors. There a loads of career choices to pick from. Do visit FairGaze to get genuine help in this regard. 

Posted By - Angel