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Groom Your Child’s Skills at Every Step

Groom Your Child’s Skills at Every Step

Bhavna Sharma

18 Jan, 2018

Children need intense care by their parents and teachers tostand them tall on their toes. Every parent is extremely bothered for theirchild’s future because of the cut throat competition in market. The questionarises how to prepare a child to sustain in such a huge competition around. Thesolution is reinvention. Reinvention is not just done by oneself alone ratherit’s by the contribution of closest people around.

Parents and teachers can highly help a child doingreinvention whenever needed. Life is not about plainly following your dreams orothers. It is more about taking risks, adapting changes, challenging yourselfand grooming on the existing as well as remaining skills. When your child comesto you then never ignore on what he/she is saying. Parents must listen to theirchild and realize what they really dream to be. Once parents and teachersdevelops mutual link with a child, then motion of confidence is raised in achild from within. A child is more targeted and ready to make set changes. Ifthe security is not felt by a child then he/she may develop a fearful oraggressive psychology.

In fact, a child naturally chases the footsteps of parentsand teachers when they themselves follow the concept of reinvention. Thus,parents and teachers have to seriously become a child’s superhero in everymanner to see positive changes in them. The style of a child’s role modelcreates a deep impression in the mind of a child. Thus, parents and teachersshould monitor their speaking style with anyone. Parents and teachers alongwith children should try on new activities or hobbies to build enthusiasmamongst children. This will enhance their creative side and will uplift theirmorale.

Parents and teachers should remember a famous quote by HaimGinott “Treat a child as though he already is the person he’s capable ofbecoming.”