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Never Overprotect a Child

Never Overprotect a Child

Anubha Das

11 Jan, 2017

There is a thin line between protection and over protecting. Many parents do not know the difference between protecting and overprotecting.

What they think and feel is that they are doing right for their children. There are many parents who believe overprotecting is good for children while some parents may not protect their children enough. In fact, both of them are principally wrong. The only way you can protect your children is to approach the issue with caution and find a balance between two ends of the spectrum.

The most basic approach that parents can use is to teach children how to become independent. They should allow their children to do things and tasks all by themselves. They should experience the sad events of failures and sweet moments of success. They should also understand that life is full of both thorns and roses.

They should know the vital dissimilarity between achievement and breakdown, and they must know that both success and failures are parts of life. Over protection hinders normal growth among children because it does not allow them to face the truth of life.