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Parents Coping with the Young Generation

Parents Coping with the Young Generation

Anubha Das

25 Nov, 2016

Why aren’t parents able to cope with their young generation? The reason is the insightful generation gap between them.

Generation gap is nothing but certain psychological & emotional gap between parents or the elder people and the younger ones. Bulging generation gap creates misunderstanding and lack of attachment between the parents & the children.The success of parenting lies in how effectively parents bridge the gap between them and their children.

Being up to date is the only way to cope up with the generation gap. When you are asked a doubt by your children, and if your answer is that you do not know, then you may be counted an outdated person of the gone age. To avoid this situation, parents should try to be current and updated with the information and technologies.

Today’s generation kids have been exposed to technology from an early age. They can easily master themselves on technology than we do. As a parent, you need to learn and educate ourselves about the latest technology update and be more tech-savvy.

Parents should monitor their interaction with technology and set rules that limit their time with it. Though, parents should not completely cut them off from technology because they should learn and explore about the latest technology update, so they don’t feel alienated from other kids.

In this way the gap can be filled and the relationship between parents and the younger generation can be abridged.