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Is your child good at decision making?

Is your child good at decision making?

Priyanka Negi

13 Apr, 2017

Many experts have suggested that decision making is the best lesson which a parent can teach their children. The process of making decisions not only enhance a child’s capacity to explore the world but it works as a path of success for them.

It is always good to teach them making a right and sensible decisions but it does not mean that the children should not be allowed to make poor decisions. In fact, making poor decisions helps the child to learn how to make better ones for coming future. 

According to the child experts, decision making is a skill through which children can become very good at making bad decisions. This situation usually occurs when parents don’t hold them responsible for their poor decisions. However, parents instead, bail them out of the trouble their bad decision brings. 

In a study, experts found that decision-making is a complex process that takes years to master. Additionally, the process begins with making a child understand about decision-making. Children are prominent in making sudden judgments and acting on them without thinking. 

However, parents can teach them to think before acting on certain issues. The second stem is making children understand what motivates their decisions. One problem is that children are often faced with contradictory motivations. They may know that doing something is unintelligent, but they may feel peer pressure to do it anyway. 

It is been found that if decisions come down to doing what is right or what is wrong, the majority of children will almost always choose popularity. The experts have suggested that the children should ask themselves about the consequences of their actions. 

Parents can also shape their children’s decision-making process via coaching them. Additionally, the parents can also make their children understand the consequences of good and bad decisions that can help their children to live a peaceful life.