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Raise Your Voice

Raise Your Voice

Anubha Das

09 Feb, 2017

Have you felt totally and absolutely defenceless on occasion when you understand that you can't stand up noisy about the injustice going ahead about you?


There will be numerous situations in your life when you’ll be caught in a diplomatic situation. A situation where either you can react or you’ll keep quiet. The kind of injustice that usually an individual faces are uncountable like a student having biased marking in examination, a sportsperson getting selected or not on favors and so on.

People will mistreat you if you take injustice lying down. But raised voice can help. It will make it possible for you to reach new heights, and will help others too.


When you raise your voice, you make yourself come out of the shell and individuals realize that there is somebody who won't be let down, who won't be quiet. That is the reason we trust that raising your voice is something to be thankful for. If people groups see others' perspective, and ensure that they know why there is a need to talk up,particularly against foul play.


Along these lines, never be anxious.Never be hesitant to raise voice for genuineness and truth and sympathy,against unfairness and ravenous. Since when you do as such, it makes a major change.