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Hands-on Guidelines for Young Parents

Hands-on Guidelines for Young Parents

Tulika Dey

24 Apr, 2018

Parents actually do not require tips. Everyone have their own unique way of parenting depending upon their lifestyle, child behaviour and theirs. However, sometimes, as a parent we do not realize the problem areas, specially the young parents so here are a few tips that can always serve as a guide forparents who are sometimes detracked and want to find simple tips and techniquesfor their children.

Discipline without punishment - The most effective way toteach kids is our modeling, and to treat them the way we want them to treatothers, with compassion and understanding. When we spank, punish, or yell, kidslearn to act aggressively. Parents and teachers should themselves do thingsthat they want from their children.

Decision making - is the bestlesson which a parent can teach their children. Parents can teach them to think before acting oncertain issues. It is been found that if decisions come down to doing what isright or what is wrong, the majority of children will almost always choosepopularity. 

Forgiveness - When someone you care about hurts you, you can hold on toanger, resentment and thoughts of revenge. But you always have the choice toembrace forgiveness and move on wearing a smile. Forgiveness can lead you downthe path of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, making you a morecompassionate and understanding individual.

Leadership - Children are like a bunch of beautiful flowers whoblossoms with a lot of learning and training. It is one of the deciding factorsin formation of confidence in students which is highly required in theirprofessional lives. Make them do their own things and help them take a decisionby their own even if at times, it turns out to be a wrong one. They shouldlearn from their mistakes.

Hard Work - One of the most important things we can do, asparents, is instill the values of hard work into our children.This is a mindset that will help them accomplish great things, and make themmore independent and self-sufficient as they go throughout their lives. Involvethem in your house chores: perhaps setting the dishes at dinner table,organizing their own room, table and cupboard and yes do not forget to praisethem when they do so. Also make them earn rewards.

Raise your voice - Teach your children not to be hesitant to raisevoice for genuineness and truth and sympathy, against unfairness and ravenous. Setan example by yourself protesting against unfairness. Since when you do assuch, it makes a major change.

Never overprotect your children- There is a thin line between protection and overprotecting. Parents should teach children how to become independent. Theyshould allow their children to do things and tasks all by themselves.

In a nutshell, try to develop a bond with your childrenthrough communication. Even you cannot devote long hours to them, try to givequality time to them. Listen to their poor jokes and laugh along with them. Tryto see the world from their eyes. Build a transparency and confide with them sothat they can share with you their little secrets but do not overdo that theydo not listen to you at all. Give them encouragement along withconstructive criticism. Try to set aside time on a regular basis to dosomething fun with your children. Rather than tell them what not to do, teachand show them what they should do. Above all, try to be a happy soul for yourchild is your reflection!