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Tips To Make Your Child A Successful Leader

Tips To Make Your Child A Successful Leader


05 Aug, 2016

Every parent wants their child to be great in his/her life and would have always wondered what one should do to help them become so. 

Here are 7 tips which could help you groom your child to become a successful leader in life.

1. Let them take risks: Letting children take risks would help them learn how to take a fall and experience failure. This will enhance their brain’s development and critical decision making.

2. Infrequent assistance: Parents come to the rescue of child’s problems too soon. If a child is having a problem and you think they can deal with it without your assistance, let them deal with it. See how your child acts to the situation and provide him/her feedback accordingly.

3. Appreciate, but not too much: Too much appreciation could lead to your child realizing that it is only his parents who appreciate him/her and others don’t, this in turn could lead to your child exaggerating and lying for appreciation.

4. Praise, but don’t reward: Praising your child when he does a good job will create essential motivation and unconditional love for you, because you condition your child to work for emotional satisfaction and not materialistic gains.

5. Share your childhood memories: The children could learn from the mistakes you made as a child, and if that situation should ever arise, they would be able to tackle it easily.

6. Intelligence-maturity relationship: Parents often confuse intelligence with maturity. Your child being good in studies doesn’t mean he is all grown up and mature, he still needs you and your guidance.

7. Do what you say: ‘Practice what you preach’ is the mantra, if you want your child to learn good habits.

Great leaders are not born, they are made.