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Education and Sports Go Hand In Hand

Education and Sports Go Hand In Hand

Assistant Editor

19 May, 2020

There are many children who are engrossed only towards one thing, either education or sports. There are very hardly any children who can balance both. They should comprehend that both things are obligatory. Sports are essential to be mentally and physically fit. While on the other hand, education is indispensable to be successful in life.

There are students who only want to study and want to be successful in their life, which is correct. But they should also know the importance of playing sports.

Playing sports gives all the good qualities in our life. Qualities like improving confidence, decisionmaking, facing the failure, to be disciplined, making a good leader, etc. and these qualities are not taught in the education. And if it is being taught, then you will not be able to apply it in your real life.

Some students are good, ambitious but they lack confidence. They are under-confident, which does not let them build trust with others. If they will play sports then, confidence will get boost-up.

Education never teaches us how to face failure. We all have plans for our successful life, but we never make a plan or think that what if we fail. Students are unable to cope with the failure and this is the reason they are trapped in the world of depression, from which they are unable to get rid of.

Practicing sports in a routine helps us to be disciplined. To be disciplined is also taught in the schools but applying it practically is a different thing. Self- discipline establishes inner strength, character, and goals. It makes you motivated, provides you a positive outlook, and helps you to avoid temptations. Most importantly it makes you emotionally stable.

Time-management is the most essential thing to be successful. Playing sports will teach us to manage our time efficiently. Time-management provides you provide a better quality of work, more productivity, and efficiency, much less procrastination, less stress, and anxiety, improved quality of life, more opportunities and career growth, more time for leisure, and recreation.

Here, sports which I am talking about are both, indoor as well as outdoor.

Indoor games like chess, dice games, etc. and outdoor games like cricket, football, basketball, etc.

Only by playing sports, you can achieve these qualities but then education is also necessary. Just like sports have an end number of benefits, education also has an end number of benefits. Benefits in education like Poverty reduction, higher income, promotes equality, health benefits, and economic growth, discourages crime, environmental benefits, reduces gender-based violence, etc. An educated person can change his country’s economy, thinking of society, changing the mindset of the people.

Apart from academics, schools have also started focusing on sports, co-curricular activities for the betterment of the child. It is mandatory for every child to play sports, even if they are not willing to.

Therefore, every child should study and play sports.

By: Suvarna Gupta