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Teachers Training Will Help Revamp Our Education System

Teachers Training Will Help Revamp Our Education System

Neha Maheshwari

09 Jul, 2018

Teachers are like lighthouses to the world of knowledge. Their enlightenment and direction is quite important to the future generation. They are extremely important to a country as their guidance and knowledge is what paves the path for the students on their journey of life. But, it is necessary for the teachers to have appropriate understanding and comprehension so that they can impart suitable grasp on the subject to their student. 

This is where teachers training steps in. Here are some of the advantages from the training: 

•Helps to prepare for the next step: With the help of effective teacher training programs, both new and old teachers can learn how to devise new strategies so as to make imparting their knowledge easy. By learning a subject can be taught in many different ways, teachers can update their information and teaching methods. Sometimes stress of daily teaching makes their work redundant too. By attending a training programme, they can rekindle new fire in their teaching. 

•Helps them in becoming a mentor: Being a mentor is what all teachers aspire to be. They want to inspire and motivate their students to become a better individual. This is where a good training programme would prove to be beneficial for the teachers. By getting a thorough understanding of the teaching techniques, teachers can learn the best ways to become a mentor for their student. 

•Prepares for challenges: Being a teacher is tough. New challenges can knock on your door every day. A good teachers training course can help with fighting this and prepare the teachers for new challenges. Even though it might not train you to surpass all the hurdles, it will definitely empower you with the confidence and vigor to go through these problems that arise almost every day. 

•Makes you aware of true benchmarks for achievement: Now days, getting marks is not the sole mark of achievement for a student. Earlier the students had to memorise each and everything and just put it out on the answer sheets without gaining any conceptual understanding behind it. This does not show any true achievement at all. Education system has changes and teachers are focusing more on overall development. However, that requires proper training so as to get rid of the habit of rote learning and making concepts easier for the students to grasp. 

•Professional development for teachers: Training programmes can help the teachers to gain new skills and step ahead in their professional career. Educators are able to gain unique skills and get specialised material that can help them to stay updated. This will also help them in keeping up with any updated trends or methods in the education world. Therefore, a training programme is a win-win situation for teachers in every way. 

•Provides supported teaching practice: Sometimes, new teachers do not have the required expertise in the field they are about to enter. Even teachers who change their field might need understanding for the new subject. A training programme will provide useful monitoring so that they understand what their new position demands for the role. A student teaching in a classroom setting will certainly help with that. 

•Help in preventing experiments on students: Students' learning can be greatly hampered when teachers without proper training try out methods that won't be fetching the desired results from them. Therefore, it is always better that you understand what would work on the students by attending proper training programme. This will ensure competence and fairness for the students’ right from the start. 

Therefore, it goes without saying that every teacher needs to have proper guidance, knowledge and techniques to train their students. Education should be about overall development for the students. And this should fall upon the educators to help bring this holistic change for our next generation of young minds. So, a fall out in teacher education would bore a lot on the entire country's inspiring young people. A teacher training programme will come to the rescue here. 

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