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Time Out For Safety

Time Out For Safety

Ayesha Khan

12 Jun, 2018
"Time out" is an expression which calls for a moment of reflection, of rethinking, of evaluating a situation and responding accordingly. It introduces an intermission into routine activities to allow focused attention for an important issue. Irrespective of the fact that the Team may be Professionally Expert for years and has played as a Successfully umpteen number of times, it recognizes the value of stopping to collect everyone’s thoughts and make sure they choose the right course of action.

The Substantial Increase in Incidents and near misses directly related to Safety in Schools all over India is a Clear Indicator that School Managements need to have a “Time out for Safety” and understand the Importance of this Much Neglected “Life Skill” in India

Schools literally adopt children from Parents for more than 50% of their Daily Time throughout their Vital Growing Years, and therefore not only for their Safety but also because Schools are the Building Blocks of the Society, these Vital Life Skills should not be Neglected else the Future of India will not be able to Move in the right direction of Safety like the rest of the World. Nowadays due to exposure, education, main stream and social media, Parents are far more informed and with ever Increasing Competition amongst Schools, the day is not far when Schools shall also be evaluated by Society on basis of their Safety standards amongst other Traditional Parameters.

The Essence of Safety is to be “Proactive” rather than “Reactive” ; to be able to identify Issues beforehand and Minimize them in a Systematic and Professional way , instead of having meetings and damage control after something has already gone wrong, henceforth risking life, reputation and property, the former two being Irreversible!

The Objective should be to use Management Skills, Experience and Events to reflect on our attributes to Safety and to create a Positive step change in the performance of Safety in the Organization.

It also aims to encourage Students, employees and even parents to take more ownership for themselves and others safety.

Safety is a cheap and effective Insurance Policy.