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From British Rule to Home-Rule

16 May 2018

The Britishers completely changed the education system in India.The biggest change was the introduction of the western style education (which has not changed since then) with the language of instruction being English. The traditional educational system in which students learnt various subjects in temples,mosques and gurukuls was replaced by a system of schools and universities based on the system in the West. In 1835,Governor-General Lord William Bentinck formally introduced English education in India. In 1844, English was made the official language. This made the knowledge of English necessary for appointment to public offices. Along with it, Britain dismantled India's previous economy and industries as a result of Britain forcing them to import their goods from Britain and not buy their own goods from India.Industries such as the handmade cloth industry, clock-making, metal, and carpentry industries, fell because cloth was made of better quality for cheaper in Britain because of mass production.

British rule brought many negatives to education, politics, trade in India. While promoting western ideals and thoughts, the British also discouraged Indian culture and philosophy. Famous teachers like Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, Aryabhatta,Chanakya etc. have contributed a lot in the field of education and in shaping in India. Dharampal Collected Writings In 5 Volumes explains how British rule changed India and how did India manage to reform itself. His compositions also enlighten us with Indian Science, Politics and Tradition in 18th Century.

India will always be remembered for some of the greatest discoveries of science world over the centuries. Zero and Trigonometry was introduced by Indians and how it changed the world completely and is continuing to do that. We all know Issac Newton discovered the Law of Attraction but only a few people know that Aryabhatta first identified the force to explain why objects do not fall when the earth rotates, and Brahmagupta described gravity as an attractive force and used the term gruhtvaakarshan for gravity. The process to transfer information freely and almost instantaneously was made possible by the pioneering work of Narinder Kalpany which is known as Fiber optics.

India winning freedom in 1947 was an extraordinary achievement - a great victory of humanity. It inspired similar movements the world over including the freedom struggles in Africa, the Civil Rights movement in the US and several other struggles against dictatorships.

The sense of togetherness is greater today as compared to those times when British were extending their control and thats because we have more in common today than people in past. Thats why we have a national anthem, flag and furthermore our own administration.



Posted By - Swati Kaushal