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History as a Solution for the Present

23 May 2017

The term history has been taken from the Greek work ‘historia’. History can be defined as the study of past. It covers the different aspect of learning of the past, which can be broadly classified as event, memory, presentation etc. Scholars who are involved into studying and observing history are called historians.

History is a very broad term. Everything ranging from the place we live in to the mathematical concepts we use, has had a history. Knowing history keeps us rooted to our culture. Studying and knowing the things of past helps in getting closer to our community and culture. In the process, it makes us better global citizens.

History is basically made up of sequences related to some particular culture. These events are given the term of cultural heritage or legends. The nature of history has evolved over time and is still continuously changing. The modern type of study of history involves wide study of specific geographical regions and their development. 

For long, history has provided the students with skills to observe and analyse complex situations with an open mind. Therefore it allows them to make decisions keeping in mind the lessons of the past.History has been taught at academic level for a long time. This helps students in getting in touch with the events of past and knowing how their culture developed over the centuries.

Being aware about the history is important for any individual. Studying history allows you to treat the current affairs with a wiser perspective. This is because, whatever occurs in today’s time is in some way the result of or influenced by the happenings of the past. 

People tend to question as to why some people act in ways different from the other. All of this behavioural aspect is based on history. History has been a source of cultural awareness for people all over the globe. This is the reason why researchers believe that if we are aiming at improving the present, an authentic knowledge of the past is important.

Posted By - Srishti Anand