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Cracking CBSE with 99.4%, ?Impractical Joker? Fan, Sukriti Gupta, Uncovers Shades of Her Practical Self.

07 Jun 2016 0


Delhite Sukriti Gupta had her career path chalked out since an early age. She always had a passion for facts, figures and numbers, which made her opt for science in her high school. She wants to pursue Btech since she doesn?t want to restrict herself within the boundaries of pure science. She believes Btech would give her diverse career options to explore further in the future. She also has a keen interest in computer programming and may pursue MBA at a later date. Her parents are her greatest motivation. They have been supportive and encouraged her to chase her dreams, constantly guiding at each step. Sukriti Gupta, the topper, never really had a fascination for shopping, but she was keenly fond of dancing and swimming. Going on a world tour, tops her bucket list. When asked whether she might want to roll out any improvement throughout her life in the recent years, she claimed that she was content with each of her choices as they made her who she is today. The principal, Br Monachan, says that though he is the leader of Montfort Senior Secondary School, he can only create a healthy environment within the school premises but it is the student who has to work hard to come out with flying colours. Speaking with the child psychologist, Dr Madhumati Singh, Sukriti advised "Follow NCERT books strictly, do not fall into a day trap of studying 14 hours and don?t expect any last minute miracles". She declared that she owes her success to the rigid routine that she had followed and asked students to follow one too.

FairGaze team with the star achiever Sukriti Gupta and the Principal Bro Monachan

Dr. Madhumati Singh presents Certificate of Appreciation to Sukriti Gupta

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