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Interview with Mrs. Rachna Pant, Principal of Ramjas School, R.K. Puram and Convenor of Ramjas Basketball Champions League 2016

12 Aug 2016 0

Students's Journalist

Mrs. Rachna Pant, an Educationist, Principal of Ramjas School, R.K. Puram and Convenor of Ramjas Basketball Champions League 2016, has started her career in education way back in 1979.

FairGaze got the opportunity to interact with Mrs. Rachna Pant through her school’s Student Journalists. Below is the excerpt of the same regarding RBCL’16 & more:

In your opinion, what makes a great education system?
It should ensure a 360-degree growth & development of all learners. When the students are encouraged to think critically & analyse logically, it is the best. In addition, an education system can be termed great, if it boosts the confidence of the students and sharpens their creative instincts.

Do you suggest revamp of the curriculum on regular intervals?
Oh yes, Most Definitely! Knowledge today is rapidly expanding and to keep abreast with it, it is important to give up the redundant & accept the latest. Unwillingness to change would lead to stagnation & backwardness.

Should there be a change in the role of the teacher in the classroom?
Absolutely, because the teachers today have moved beyond the traditional roles. A teacher is now, a facilitator, a mentor as well as a guide for his/her students. This requires the teachers to change themselves and also their approach to be able to meet the requirements of the students and prepare them for the dynamic world outside.

Coming to the Ramjas Basketball Champions League, our school has been organising such grand event for the past 22 years. How has been the experience?
Organising the RBCL has been a very beautiful & enriching experience. This Tournament, over the years has grown to become The Largest Basketball Tournament in the capital. It’s ever increasing popularity has given me the confidence that as a team we can take it not just to the national level but to the international level.

RBCL witnesses almost 120-140 schools as participants every year. How do you manage it?
The numbers do not matter. What matters is the spirit and the confidence with which a task is undertaken. We as a team manage this tournament with a confident smile without getting flustered.

When did our school get the affiliation from Delhi Basketball Association? How did you feel about it?
Ever since the tournament started, we have been associated with the Delhi Basketball Association. However, the affiliation is recent & it feels good. The officials of DBA have been conducting the tournament impartially & fairly in the real spirit of the game.

How does our school promote skill building through extracurricular activities?
The school provides a wide variety of extracurricular activities like big fight, turn court, rangoli, etc. Each of these activities develop the students for an out of the box approach while honing their creative & analytical skills. In addition to this, the co-curricular activities inculcate team spirit & co-operation while building confidence & social skills.

Would you like to give any tips to the participants and to those who win & lose?
The only thing that I can say to all players is that it is the participation and the game that matters the most. Each one of us should give to the game our 100% without any thought of victory or defeat. To lose a fair game is better than winning a foul game.

To be continued....

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