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Reading is Productivity

01 Sep 2016 1

The consistent flash lights & noise which bombard our senses when we’re watching something or looking at a computer can be quite, unpleasant for our brains. But, when we read, we read peacefully and the black print on a white page is less unpleasant for our eyes and brains.

From early time, people have pondered about the significance of reading. Reading is important for a lot of reasons. It improves concentration. Students need to sit still and silently so they can focus on the thing when they’re reading.

It also enhances student’s vocabulary, which leads to developed language skills and enhances their skill to write well. Not only students learn new words but also they automatically take up information as they read about things like how to structure sentences and how to use words & language efficiently.

Reading is also considered as a vital skill to find a good job as many well-paying job requires reading as a part of their job.

Whether we are busy with a novel, reading a daily paper or a simply taking a look at a sign, reading skills permit you to make sense of those things.  As it is being said, “We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves too”.

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    29 Mar 2017

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