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The Present Day Competition in Education System Has Its Own Pros and Cons”, says Mrs. Raj Bhandari

21 Jun 2016 1

Anubha Das

Schools are currently more dynamic than any other time in the recent memory.  According to Mrs Raj Bhandari, Director of Amar Public School, schools are simpler these days. She says, “Schools have more facilities and opportunities accordingly. But otherwise there is a very little change in the educational system. The quality of education has not enhanced that much. Rather the quality of education has disintegrated.”   Mrs. Bhandari believes that competitions are harsh nowadays and it prompts harassment. Scoring a 100% is no more a major achievement and indicated that the evaluation process may need to evolve. She believes that her part as a director is a challenging one as she needs to maintain harmony with the various stakeholders like faculty, students, guardians and administration. She says,” Education is a procedure of personality development. It is not just the curriculum that is being received by an individual. It is fairly the full development of a person.” Mrs Bhandari strongly believes in equality in all aspects of education and feels that the uniform brings in a sense of consistency and uniformity among the students.

Correspondent- Anubha Das

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