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Craft of Writing

Craft of Writing

Anubha Das

07 Feb, 2017

“Writingis easy, all you have do is cross the wrong words”- Mark Twain

How tolearn the craft of writing is like learning anything else, and can be evenbroken into general points. If you’re a writer or editor—or want to becomeone—the basics of writing should intrigue you. It should also compel you, anddraw you deep into the fullness, the depth and breadth, of writing. They shouldmake you crave for more—want to know more and try more.

A writershould learn to enhance their skills. They should not try to pass them off asknowledgeable and skilled if they are neither. To recognize that writing apart—and editing a part requires more than the ability to string words intosentences. That basic skill will get you started, but it won’t get you far. If want to be successful and reach far off inwriting, you should read novels and short stories and poetry andmagazines. Reading opinion pieces and essays and the dictionary also helpscrafting your skills.

Writingis basically about writing for yourself. If you write like it matter, it surelywill. So, add your stories to the world.