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Exam Fever: A Significant Instinct

Exam Fever: A Significant Instinct

Yukti Kapoor

12 Jul, 2016

Whenever the exams are near, many students are under tremendous stress commonly referred as exam stress. But it is not just the students who are stressed or face the exam fever, the teachers& parents too go through the same. Students are anxious about whether they would be able to live up to the expectations of their peers, parents &teachers. Also, parents and teachers have a lot of expectations from their kids and very often, they tend to impose the burden on their kids.

Anxiety is contagious & passes to other students, teachers & parents. Some of the reasons for increase in stress level are identity crisis, the need to make career oriented decisions,attitude of teachers & parents, and peer pressure. An individual should be comfortable enough to express emotions in front of his/her elders.

Exam fever could be dealt by sleeping for seven to eight hours for achieving physical rest & brain functioning. Proper intake of diet must be taken care of and should comprise of milk, dry fruits & green vegetables. Another way to achieve good results is good time management. One should complete the syllabus prior to exams & just revise it on the D-day.

Hence, we all know every problem has a solution to it; but the main agenda of solving each & every problem is to always feel & think positive. A positive thought is the seed of a positive result.