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Factors Affecting the Choice of Subjects in Class 11 & 12

Factors Affecting the Choice of Subjects in Class 11 & 12

Tanvi Minocha

19 Jul, 2016

As soon as students complete halfof their class 10, they are asked about the subjects they will choose forfurther classes. Parents, neighbors, relatives, classmates, everyone is curiousto know about it. Under such circumstances, a student may or may not be able tomake the right decision. There are certain factors which may be the reasonbehind it, such as:

  1. Parental Pressure- At times, parents believe that their children should take up the same profession as them, and they have every right to expect that. To make it happen, they pressurize their child to choose those particular subjects, irrespective of whether s/he is interested or not. Some children are able to perform well, but others are not, which in turn, might make the student have self-doubts.
  2. Peer Pressure- Students have a tendency of following their friends in every possible way, even if it is regarding their future. They may take up the stream their friend is taking, solely for the purpose of being with them for the next two years. This can hamper their academic performance, in case they are unable to understand what is being taught.
  3. Societal Pressure- When no one pressurizes the student, there’s the society. They will always judge the child and his/her decisions, and would have high expectations. The stereotypes which exist in the society are one of the main reasons a student does not pursue his/her field of interest.

However, there still are peoplewho can guide a student to the right path, keeping in mind his/her interestsand capabilities, such as career counselors, mentors, child psychologists, andalike. You can seek help from them, if you are confused and can’t decide.