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Learning is Earning

Learning is Earning

Himani Goyal

19 Jul, 2016

You start learning from the time you are born and it continues till your last breath. Learning is the most basic and vital aspect of life. You learn to crawl in the early stages of childhood and eventually learn walking with time, which’s been serving you till date. That is the essence of learning, it serves you lifelong.

This piece of writing mainly caters to learning in education sector. Grab any possible opportunity that can teach you, be it academics or extra-curricular activities. If you are good at a particular field; say, sports, you can train students with lesser experience but great interest, and earn money. You can even take tuitions for primary grade students in any subject which you have a good hand.

Learning while working under someone adds to your resume which eventually fetches you great job opportunities. Things learn through life experiences can also serve as an earning source, who knows if you become a motivational speaker or a counsellor.

The more you learn, the more opportunities you will come across to earn a desirable livelihood. So, widen your sphere of learning from the very beginning and you will see the results for yourself.