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Nanotechnology- An Introduction

Nanotechnology- An Introduction

Anubha Das

01 Oct, 2016

 nanotechnology? Oneof the struggles faced by nanotechnology is the confusion about its definition.

Nanotechnology is the branch of technology thatdeals with manipulation of individual atoms and molecules that are less than100 nanometres.

It is soon to grow very fast and make up the majority of companiesacross many industries which will allow growth for students.

Nanotechnology isviewed as a process that gradually will affect most companies and industries.What qualifies as nanotechnology today is basic research and development thatis taking place in laboratories all over the world. There are many collegesthat have introduced engineering courses on the following subject like AmityUniversity, Sharda University & so on. The students applying fornanotechnology are willing to put forth theirtheoretical knowledge to practical application.

Nanotechnology is theintroduction to the future aspect of the new & improved world.