Preservation of Indian Heritage

15 Apr 2017

No one around the world is unknown to the charm of diverse Indian heritage. There are so many monuments in our Incredible India which are highly recognized in worldwide associations of Travel and Tourism. Everyone across the globe is amazed by the united colors of so many cultures in India. Our historical heritage helps us to maintain peace and harmony. It makes our motherland stand tall with pride.

Now –a- days, Indian heritage is not left in the mode of its original beauty. It cannot withstand the environmental and societal factors. In fact there are so many monuments not recognized under any authority.  One such example is Khetri Mahal in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan which is now used as Muslim Hostel. On contrary monuments like India Gate, Gate Way of India, Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Hawa Mahal, etc. are a great source of recreation for tourists. These monuments are under full observation of Government Security. But, monuments which also add to economy of India like Amber Fort, Chand Baori, Bhangarh Fort, etc. witness huge damage from people’s side. Corners of monuments are spitted with tobacco, wastes are thrown in galleries, walls are scribed with love signs, etc. It decreases the charm of monuments and creates a bad impression on tourists. Monuments are a source of legacy provided to us by our great ancestors. That’s why caring and preserving them is our prime responsibility.

Thus apart from providing monetary support from Government to preserve our monuments, we as an individual should also create self awareness. Our monuments are our pride. Therefore, we should not indulge ourselves in such absurd activities and damage our Indian Heritage. We should also try to motivate others to preserve monuments. Save Indian Heritage!

Posted By - Bhavna Sharma