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Read Beyond Your Textbooks

Read Beyond Your Textbooks

Tanvi Minocha

12 Jul, 2016

When was the last time, you readsomething apart from your subject textbooks? We are not talking about thestatus updates on Facebook or the tweets on Twitter. The question is about realreading.

Since childhood, we have been toldthat reading is good for us. It helps us improve our language, speaking &writing skills. Along with that, it increases our knowledge and enhances ourthinking skills. It gives us a break from everything and enables us perk up ourconcentration level.

 To emphasize on what to read, and the benefitsof reading, consider the following:

1.  Novels: A good novel is one which takes you to anew world. You imagine all that you read, and when experience a real-life kindof relationship. A happy ending can induce warm feelings in your heart, andbrighten up your day.

2.  Newspapers: They give you information about whatis happening around you. They make you an aware citizen.

3.   Magazines: Magazine articles are usually lightreads, telling you stories or providing you with hacks for some problems.

There is no doubt, as a student,you have your own curriculum to complete, and for that you have to read a lotof textbooks, but take some time out and read things apart from them as well. Readinghas always been a good habit, and will only benefit you in the future.