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Replacing Notebooks

Replacing Notebooks

Anubha Das

17 Jan, 2017

Are you tired of carrying heavy notebooks and textbooks on daily basis, loosing papers and reading obsolete books?

With the development in computer technology and reducing prices of computer the textbook are being replaced by notebook computers. In the education sector computer has played a vital role and with the introduction of the e-books the mode of education has become much easier.

Schools constantly need to update textbooks, which leads to cutting many trees and can become very costly. However, if students were to use notebook computers, they would have updated resources at all times; like they won’t need to buy various editions of the books. They will get everything on their plate.

Pros of notebook computers over textbooks are:

No need to carry so many books, one laptop does it all

E-Books are cheaper

Simple, easy and Helpful

Students can connect to Internet

Online Libraries

Students can manage their time and schedule 

Keeps students updated

As the trends move ahead, and the technology advances it is essential to change the pattern of studies as well. The predictable modes of education are good. But the modern ways are overcoming some of the major drawbacks of the conventional modes and hence is being chosen globally.