The Inspiring Bubble

01 Feb 2018

Once upon a time, there was a bear named “Bubble” that was in charge of teaching leadership skills to all the little animals that will become future of forest named “LA LA LA”. LA LA LA was a very green and beautiful forest with a pristine river. Due to human invasion in forest because of its herbs and river, the forest started losing its intact beauty. Bubble became upset as humans destructed their forests. Then the little animals which comprised of a bunny, cubs (of lion, tiger, fox, etc.), foal and joey started fearing of humans and wept loudly in front of their teacher Bubble. Bubble was a bear of strong determination and far sighted vision. Though Bubble was upset out of his concern for degradation of forest, but at the same time, he was thinking that how he could save LA LA LA. His deep thinking gave rise to an idea of leading a mission which will aware all animals that how they can contribute to save their birthplace. He shared the mission with all the little animals. The little ones became relaxed after listening to Bubble and became volunteers of this mission. Bubble started to propagandize his mission “SAVE LA LA LA!” Bubble taught the very first skill to little one was staying calm and patient throughout achieving every goal in life. Accomplishment of goals and delivery of good results always takes time.

Bubble along with all the little ones started to plant tree saplings in all the barren areas of forest with full zeal. By watching them,other animals also joined the movement and started to plant as much saplings as they could. They used to water them every day. The other skill was to stay positive while the mission is on its way. Thus, all animals were very positive about bringing back the charm of their motherland. The little animals came with idea of cleaning their river to Bubble. Bubble was very happy to see the active behavior of all his students. The aquatic animals brought all the plastics thrown in river to the bank of the river. They equally participated in this mission and helped all the land animals. Land animals disposed the plastics in the garbage dump of forest. This is how river started to shine again. Slowly and slowly saplings grew into trees and the green cover of LA LA LA came back.Their homeland looked more beautiful than before. Then, they fenced their forest with electrical wires. The electrical wires had a property that whenever a human will approach a forest to destruct it in spite of beautifying it, then electrical wires will give a mild shock to that human. The humans who are cared and concerned about forest will only be permitted by the electrical wires to go inside and relax in the lap of nature.

This is how the mission was accomplished and all the animals saved LA LA LA. All animals credited Bubble for his idea, initiative and relentless working on this mission. But Bubble was a very honest and kind bear;he credited every animal and appreciated the efforts of all. He even appreciated the work and volunteering of little animals that were always on their toes with him on mission. The little ones thanked their teacher to provide them with a platform where they learnt realities of life and the skills of a leader. Bubble’s humble behavior showed how great leaders are.  After that all animals lived happily ever after in LA LA LA.

Posted By - Bhavna Sharma