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Ways to Use Wikipedia

Ways to Use Wikipedia

Anubha Das

20 Jan, 2017

Wikipedia has put learning readily available. Conceded that we can scour the web and get usable data utilized as an internet searcher, yet Wikipedia's esteem lies in the way that it has examined, composed, and consolidated everything for us.

There are basically 4 approaches to use Wikipedia for a student to get helpful information:

Background research- The background research about the topic helps in better understanding of the topic. Like if you want to learn more about Barrack Obama then you should learn about his early days and childhood days as well.

Links- At the end of each Wikipedia article we get a rundown of outside connections which can have fundamentally related article with more information. 

Using Keyword- In every Wikipedia page, there are a lot of keywords in different colours which can be used to search information further.

References- We become aware about the rundown of books and articles that have been used to comprehend and from where the information and data's are being gathered.

The objective here is not to take Wikipedia as a gospel but rather to utilize it to centre your research. Holidays are coming, begin with your homework's and ventures. You know where to search for.